Micromobility is on the agenda

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In today’s issue of the Swedish business paper, Dagens Industri, we have contributed to an article on micromobility.

By separating lightweight vehicles such as bicycles and scooters from the rest of the road, this concept focuses on increasing safety for especially the vulnerable road users, while at the same time having a positive effect on health issues, the environment and the increasingly intense traffic flow.

This article is a contribution to the debate about the micromobility concept in general, but with a specific Swedish focus. Our Business Development Manager, Anders Wellving, is one of the contributors to the article: Cycling and other means of micromobility play an important role in society, and the benefits in terms of health and sustainability are well known, he says. “For these reasons many countries are investing in micromobility initiatives and cycling is also an important part of the European Green Deal. Well-planned micromobility infrastructure accommodated to safety is crucial for a continued positive development of cycling over all, and more initiatives are generally required in Sweden and other countries.”

You can read the full article in Swedish here.

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