The Blue Way in Kehl

The Blue Way in Kehl

August 28, 2017

Footprint markings and signs are helping the tourist to find the tourist attractions

In the German city of Kehl, which is bordering Strasbourg, there are many tourist attractions to see. In order to find these easy, blue signs and markings were placed all over the town in front of the tourist attractions, which got the name “Der Blaue Weg” (The Blue Way). The explanations on the signposts are in German, French and English, so that these can be read by most tourists. The blue markings with white footprint on them are helping the tourists to find the way from one tourist attraction to the next.

25 footprint markings where installed by the Bauhof from the city of Kehl and are made out of PREMARK®.

The signs and PREMARK® preformed thermoplastic road markings, mark a circular route leading from the market square over the Rosengarten with a pioneering monument to the Holzbrücke and the Weißtannturm. From there, the path leads to the Rhine foothills, past the Passerelle to Villa Schmidt. This way can be enjoyed on foot or by bike.

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