PlastiRoute™ Rollgrip braking zone

PlastiRoute™ slows down cars in Carcavelos 

26 August 2019

With its bold colour and anti-slip properties, this braking zone made of PlastiRoute Rollgrip helps ensure that car drivers in Carcavelos slow down before they reach the pedestrian crossing situated near one of the city schools. 

The bright red colour on this PlastiRoute Rollgrip is impossible not to notice – and that is exactly the point of this new marking in Carcavelos, Portugal. Situated about 12 km west of the capital of Lisbon, Carcavelos is an area known for its long and sandy beaches, but wherever you are in the world traffic safety is always an issue.

These specific markings were made in order to bring extra attention to a pedestrian crossing located near the school “Colégio Marista de Carcavelos”. With the possibility of small school children crossing the road, there is of course a very specific need to ensure that the cars don’t drive too fast in this area.

The purpose of this particular application was therefore to create a braking zone leading up to the pedestrian crossings near the school. As cars are coming closer the crossing, the red marking will instinctively catch the eye of the drivers and alarm them that they need to slow down.  

Apart from being very effective, PlastiRoute Rollgrip is also quite easy to handle. All you need is a mixer to mix the components of the cold plastic material, tape to mark up the area, and a roller to spread the cold plastic. The material is easily rolled out on the surface and as it contains skid resistant aggregates, the finished surfaces reaches SRT values up to 80. This is a very important feature because the non-slippery surface reduces the braking distance for cars in the braking zone and thus increases the safety for both pedestrians and drivers. 

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