Parking & Logistics Markings

Provide clear guidance in parkings areas

Whether you are a driver looking for the nearest parking spot or a pedestrian trying to get safely across the area, busy parking lots can be difficult to navigate around. But it doesn't have to be this way! With a combination of our easily-applied products, you can make it both easier and safer for people to find their way around your parking area. 


Make it easy to find a charging station

We believe that finding the nearest place to charge your car is much easier when the parking space is easy to identify from the other parking bays.

Our range of materials will help you achieve just that with everything from colourful demarcation to clear, recognisable symbols and signs.

A popular green choice

There are no set rules for designing your e-parking space - it's all up to your needs and preferences. But, a green-painted tile with a white or coloured symbol on top is a popular solution. This is easily recognisable and gives clear associations to a "green choice".

Make it easy to find a charging station
Use bright colours to create colour demarcations on parkings

Colour demarcation

By using bright colours, you can make it easier for people to identify the purpose of each area on the parking lot. We recommend using either our PlastiRoute™ materials or solventborne paints for this purpose. With these colourful materials you can make handicap spots, e-charging bays, family parking spaces stand out -  or perhaps mark a safe pathway for pedestrians to follow. 

Preformed parking signage created using preformed thermoplastic symbols

Preformed parking signage

Our PREMARK™ products are the go-to-solution if you want to mark your parking area with recognisable signage. Whether you are looking for handicap or e-parking symbols, lines to separate each parking space, or arrows to provide guidance, these markings can help make it easy and safe to navigate the area. The precut markings are fast to apply and can be used on their own or on top of a coloured surface. 

Pavers and borders used to create a well functioning and safe parking area

Pavers and borders

Our PaveSmart™ products offer an alternative and easy-to-apply solution when it comes to creating a well-functioning and safe parking area. The PaveSmart Rustic pavers provide an easily maintained surface for the parking bays, while PaveSmart Borders, can be used to create parking blocks for each parking bay or to mark entrances and exits of the area.

Do you want to make parking easier and more accessible?

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