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Our Solutions

We provide solutions for every road marking and application requirement

Traffic markings

Our extensive product range specifically for the road help guide road users and ease the traffic flow. The range includes signs, symbols and highly visible line markings that all meet the exacting national regulations.
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Area markings

Bike lanes, pedestrian crossings and parking areas can be made safer and more noticeable by adding colour and friction. Our area marking solutions include a wide range of certified, high-quality materials to cover this requirement.  
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Decorative and resin surfacing

Our decorative solutions can make previously dark and dull surfaces stand out. Whether it is a playground, a public area, or a business entrance that needs an update, our decorative markings and resin surfacing offer modern and creative solutions.
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Industrial and safety

With our perceptible warnings you can create safe indoor environments, safe-proof steps and help guide the visually impaired in traffic. Our product range includes everything in coloured surfacing, skid-resistant materials and tactile markings.
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Road and surface repair

Our range of repair solutions offers easy ways to fix cracks, potholes and other minor damages on roads and surfaces. With a minimal downtime of traffic, the fast-applied materials can help prolong the life of damaged roads.
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