TacPad™ & TacGuide™

TacPac™ & TacGuide™ - tactile markings

The tactile markings TacPad & TacGuide alert people with visual handicaps to proceed with caution. Blind and visually impaired people need additional help to move around safely whilst travelling alone - and TacPad & TacGuide provide some necessary aid.

Flexible thermoplastic material on existing surfaces

TacPad & TacGuide are produced in flexible thermoplastic. Cutting the material is easy and enables shaping around curves or street furniture. The tactile markings TacPad &TacGuide are alternatives when there is a need for guiding blind and partially sighted people on existing surfaces. Application can be made on existing surfaces like asphalt, brick, stones and concrete.

Slip and skid resistant surface

The surface of TacPad & TacGuide are slip and skid resistant. Neither the organic pigments nor the other components of TacPad & TacGuide thermoplastic are harmful to the environment.

Moreover, TacPad & TacGuide have successfully undergone sensibility tests according to international standards. The negative test result means that working with TacPad & TacGuide reduces the risk of skin problems or allergic reactions to a minimum.

Domed TacPad™ & ribbed TacGuide™

The domed TacPad indicates a safe place to cross the road (e.g. a pedestrian crossing) or a change of direction. The ribbed TacGuide, on the other hand, informs you of and guides you through hazardous areas in the traffic.

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