Solventborne road marking paint


HSRoute marking paints are our group of solventborne high solids paints. Through their distinctive characteristics these markings cover a variety of applications.

HSRoute are low-solvent, one-component high solids paints for Type I and Type II road markings. They have enhanced nighttime visibility in wet conditions and are suited for permanent markings on concrete as well as asphalt. HSRoute marking paints is typically used for marking edge lines and centre lines on country roads, state roads, federal roads, highways and airports and they can be applied with either pneumatic or airless application techniques.

HSRoute AntiSkid - rough and skid resistant

HSRoute AntiSkid paints have been developed as anti-slip coatings with a high roughness and SRT values. These types of paints are recommended for edge lines, guidelines, parking and smaller areas such as bicycle routes, where maximum grip is required.

HSRoute POX - resistant to dirt and mechanical stress

HSRoute POX systems are solvent-based two-component marking paints for indoor and outdoor applications. On parking areas or warehouses, HSRoute POX systems have proven themselves especially useful with their high resistance to mechanical wear and tear. Another advantage of the HSRoute POX systems is their dirt resistance, which means that the markings will not turn black as fast as other types of markings.