Hot-applied thermoplastic

Hot-applied Thermoplastic

Keep the roads safe with durable, high-performance road markings

Hot-applied thermoplastic is a solid compound containing pigments, glass beads, binder and filler which becomes liquid when heated. It offers many important benefits in terms of road safety including its high level of wet night visibility and the fact that it can be applied as both flat and structured markings. The long lifespan of thermoplastic markings furthermore makes them a cost-effective solution as they demand less frequent maintenance or replacement.


Our internationally certified thermoplastic is characterised by its high visibility and long-term durability. Glass beads embedded all the way through the material ensures an excellent performance throughout the product's lifetime.

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ThermLite is a versatile and cost-effective thermoplastic marking material. It is available as a Type I marking in a range of different grades to suit the climatic conditions all over the world.

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