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Our Product Lines

We supply a full range of materials for road markings and decorative applications

Preformed thermoplastic

Our preformed thermoplastic material has the same characteristics as hot-applied thermoplastic, but has been precut for fast and easy application. Its easy application process, long durability and high level of retroreflection makes it a safe and popular choice for many road marking requirements.

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Hot-applied thermoplastics

Our thermoplastic road marking material provides durable and highly retroreflective markings ideal for a wide variety of marking tasks - including centre lines, edge lines, hatched areas and pedestrian crossings. The flexible material is suitable for both Type I and Type II markings and can be extruded, sprayed or manually applied.

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Liquids for highways

With water- and solventborne paints and a variety of cold plastic materials to choose from, our range of liquid materials offers a broad range of road marking solutions. The products are suitable as both line and area markings and allows for versatile and quick application.

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Road & Surface Repair

Regular and easy repairs of smaller potholes, cracks and outbreaks limit risk of extended damages, and need for more extensive repairs. Geveko Markings offer a range of products that provide the solution for most kinds of road and surface damages.

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Complementary and trading goods

To ensure the best road marking result, you need to have all the right necessities available. In our complementary line of products, you will find everything you need - from our self-produced glass beads to a range of supplementary trading goods including eat torches and primers.

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