It’s the season for road repair

In colder climates, the so-called freeze-thaw cycle is the main reason why potholes are formed. This is the reason why you often see many holes in the road after a cold winter season.

What often happens is that the water, which has seeped into the pavement or the ground, freezes. This makes it expand and push on the pavement. When the frozen water melts, it leaves gaps, the weight of vehicles travelling over these gaps causes them to collapse - and voilà, a pothole is formed.

For this reason, it is best to repair potential road damages now in order to make sure, that they don’t increase during winter. If potholes and other damages are not repaired quickly, they will continue to expand and that will only increase repair costs.

ChipFill™ is part of our Road &. Surface Repair product range and it is ideal for fixing potholes. Not only is it fast and easy to apply, but when the characteristic small chips are melted with a heat torch, the material conforms to the contours of the pothole, preventing water ingress and subsequent damages.

If you want more information about how to achieve safer, pothole-free roads, then don’t hesitate to contact us.


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