Tree pits with GeoPaveX

Stunning tree pits with GeoPave™

2 July 2019

Thanks to our resin bound paving system, GeoPaveX, the residents at the Golda Meir House in Massachusetts can now enjoy a newly refurbished courtyard with decorative and practical tree pits.

Solutions that are both practical and visually appealing doesn’t usually grow on trees. But at the Golda Meir House retirement community in Massachusetts, such a solution can be found under the newly-planted trees in their courtyard.

The retirement community was having a new courtyard installed to make the area more attractive for all its senior residents. As part of the refurbishment of the common area, nine tree pits were installed, and our resin bound paving system, GeopaveX, played a key role in this solution. The engineering firm in charge of the project had been introduced to the material by our customer, Complete Streets USA during the specification stage and quickly determined that it was the perfect product for this project.

GeoPaveX is a combination of a resin binder and selected natural aggregates, which produces a both decorative and permeable surface that is both hard-wearing and requires very little maintenance. The material has a highly porous surface which makes it especially suitable for tree pits as it allows the tree roots access to both air and water penetration.

The resin bound system is a visually stunning solution which can complement the surrounding paving according to the customer’s requirements. In this case the aggregate, Golden Pea was chosen among our selection of blends in order to give the best visual impression. Besides the aesthetic benefits, the resin system comes with equally important practical advantages as well. For example, GeoPaveX prevents any potential slip or trip hazards, which is of course an important factor in a place with many elderly people. It also stops the build-up of rubbish and litter around the trees which makes it easy to maintain.

The installation of the tree pits and the rest of the courtyard at Golda Meir House was handled by local installer, Stone Resin Surfacing, who has been trained by Complete Streets USA. Everything was completed as per manufacturer specifications and the result turned out very satisfactorily. Everyone involved with the project were extremely pleased with the result and Complete Streets USA have been recommended to other firms who will be specifying the products on upcoming projects.

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