Safe round about on the Faroe Islands

Safe round about on the Faroe Islands

Oktober 16, 2017

Colorful round about warns motorists to drive carefully

Even though it is fall, it is still not to late to make round abouts safer - even on the Faroe Islands. This week Landverk (road authorities at the Faroe Islands) and our Country Manager Henrik Nielsen applied red cold plastic  PlastiRoute® RollGrip® in Vága. 

The aim is to make the round about safer and more visual by the drivers reducing the speed and increasing awareness of the round about.

By using long-hair paint rollers PlastiRoute® RollGrip® is automatically deposited in the shape of small heaps of 2-3 mm size. This leads to a strong texture, which gives superior skid resistance under wet and rainy conditions, when friction is needed most. We recommend it for preferential lanes and bicycle lanes in heavy traffic zones that would benefit highly from increased skid-resistance.

Our PREMARK® preformed thermoplastic symbols are easily applied on top of PlastiRoute® RollGrip® without the use of primer, as the two products have been developed to bond well with each other. 

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