Creative and colourful crosswalk in Rotterdam

In Rotterdam, a crosswalk and pedestrian crossing has turned into creative and decorative streetart

Do you think crosswalks are boring? Currently, there is an increasing popularity of colourful and creative crosswalks and pedestrian crossings around Europe. This time our DecoMark® preformed thermoplastic markings where used by Opperclaes, an art collective who made the design and Street Makers, an urbanism agency. Together, they designed and created the crosswalk artwork on the Westblaak in Rotterdam, while Schreuders infra applied the creative preformed thermoplastic markings.

Smiling children jumping between the letters and symbols, while their parents and other people are taking selfies. If the pedestrian is paying more attention, she/he can even see a message in the letters which is “STAND STRAIGHT/WALK PROUD”.

It is not only a crosswalk, but also a great attention tool for the city of Rotterdam, which was also involved in the project. The response of the public to the crosswalks is so good, that the city of Rotterdam is making more research on them and is considering doing more creative crosswalks this year.

This is not the first crosswalk, where we got a lot of attention. Previously there have been made crosswalks in Bankside, London and Zaandam in the Netherlands where our markings where used to create rainbow-crosswalks to set a statement for the LGBT community (lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender).

Contact Geveko Markings if you have creative crosswalks or pedestrian crossing to mark.

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