Beautiful map of Kotka

Beautiful map shows the city of Kotka, Finland

July 12, 2017

Map out of DecoMark® shows tourists and and local people the beautiful surrounding

Kotka is the best known park-town in Finland and also abroad, at least among landscaping specialists. Lots of people come to Kotka, mainly to visit the many parks. 

The City of Kotka wanted to create a colorful and beautiful map, which helps the local people to realize in what a beautiful surrounding they live and tourists to locate where they are. Moreover, the tourist can plan where they want to go. The map was applied by ELPAC OY. The material it is made of, is DecoMark® preformed thermoplast.

The center of Kotka is located on an island in the Bay of Finland, and the 11 x 11 meter map shows this island. The sea is a blue frame and a big part of the land is parks what means green.

Katariina Seaside Park where the map is located is one of these special parks. In 2012, it was elected as the Park of the Year in Finland and the same year it also got the Trent Award- prize given by ELCA what is the European Landscape Contractors Association. This award is given every second year to one park in Europe and this was the first to Scandinavia.

If you are curious you can see more photos of the park and the map  here on Google Maps.

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