Rooted in our history, but always moving forward

Our Story

Since being founded in 1924 in Sweden, we have added a lot of chapters to the Geveko Markings story. From small beginnings in Gothenburg, to today, where we are a worldwide marking leading brand with nearly a century of expert knowledge behind us.

When Gunnar Bergendahl first started the company, he had one single goal in mind; to provide his customers with the most durable materials in the world.

This was the beginning of the Geveko Markings you know today. At first, Bergendahl’s company was mainly a manufacturer of asphalt, but the focus later changed towards the manufacturing of road marking materials.

A lot of other things have changed since then, but the values upon which our company is built remain the same. The passion for what we do still drives us in our everyday work and in our aspiration towards creating the best road marking solutions together with our partners and customers. 

Explore our timeline and get an overview of our company’s history so far. 


The road that led us here..

  • Presence and sales in +80 countries around the world
  • 2020: AB Geveko opens new factory in the US
  • US entity established
  • Established presence in Africa
  • 2018: AB Geveko acquired Adbruf Ltd in the UK
  • 2019: AB Geveko acquired Reflective Road Safety Products Pty Ltd in Australia
  • Solix acquired AB Geveko
  • Delisted from stock exchange
  • Name changed to Geveko Markings
  • Divestment of contracting activities
  • Expansion to Eastern Europe
  • Represented with own sales and contracting in 18 countries, and 7 production facilities across Europe
  • 2004: AB Geveko expanded Cleanosol by aquiring NCC Roads
  • 2007: AB Geveko acquired AllGlass Ltd in Scotland
  • 1980: PREMARK® preformed thermoplastic developed
  • 1983: AB Geveko is listed on the Stockholm Stock Exchange
  • 1988: AB Geveko acquired LKF Vejmarkering A/S and Cleanosol
  • Domestic and international growth during the 80’s and 90’s
  • 1999: AB Geveko acquired Plastiroute GmbH in Germany
  • 1946: AB Geveko changed focus to manufacturing road marking materials
  • Thermoplastic materials developed
  • Europe’s recovery during the 1950’s and increasing car use drives growth
  • 1924: AB Geveko was founded in Gothenburg, Sweden by Gunnar Bergendahl as a manufacturer of asphalt
  • The Geveko name originates from AB Gatu- och Vägbeläggningsämnen which means street and road pavement material