Landscaping & Decoration - Create beautiful spaces with high functionality

Landscaping & Decoration

Create beautiful spaces with high functionality

With our quality materials, we can help you create eye-catching and functional applications adopted to various specifications and requirements.

Common for our solutions is that they combine visual appearance with functionality. This makes it possible to transform all types of areas into inclusive and appealing spaces for both local citizens and visitors. 

Urban decoration surfacing at Trondheim with Rollgrip at Odense

Urban decoration

Visual appearance and high functionality don’t have to be opposites if you ask us! 

Our range of decorative surfacing products provides endless possibilities for transforming areas into safe spaces with with both practical functionality and visual appeal.

We specifically recommend our MMA product line, PlastiRoute™, for these type of projects. These products makes it easy to add a splash of colour and creativity to lighten up any grey and dull asphalt area.

Let safety and creativity go hand in hand

Our PlastiRoute products offer varying degrees of anti-skid properties but always prioritise the safety of pedestrians. 

Thanks to our high-quality materials, the area is safe to move around on. Besides its inherent skid-resistance, PlastiRoute also offers superior performance and color retention, which reduces the need for frequent re-applications.

Urban decoration surfacing at Trondheim with PlastiRoute and DecoMark

Transforming dark and dull asphalt areas

Check out this video to see a concrete example of how colourful markings made with Geveko Markings materials can completely transform an asphalt surface into an inclusive and welcoming urban space that provides a great first impression for anyone entering the area.

Decorative areas in DecoMark to add a splash of colour to any area

Decorative areas

We make it easy to transform any area into a safe and visually stunning space. Our decorative markings can add a splash of colour and a creative look and feel to any dull asphalt surface. Our preformed DecoMark™ materials are made to bind well with our paints and plural components, providing you with the ultimate freedom to design the decorative area of your choice. 

Entrances and driveways using resin bonded system

Entrances and driveways

For areas such as entrances and driveways, you would want the surfacing to be both easy to maintain, visually pleasing, and durable enough to handle a lot of drive-overs. Here, our resin bonded system, ViaDecor™ can be an ideal solution as it offers a quick and easy-to-install system that creates an attractive, highly durable, and UV-resistant surface.

Synthetic cobblestones to create aesthetic recreational and pathways

Recreational & pathways

Aesthetic appeal and practical properties can easily be combined when choosing either our resin solutions or our synthetic cobblestones, PaveSmart™ Rustic. These products offer a natural look and can be applied to the existing concrete or asphalt surface - and voilà, the area is then transformed into visually appealing area that is easy to maintain as it prevents weed growth. 

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