Decorative surfacing

Decorative Surfacing

Our solutions for decorative and resin surfacings makes is possible to transform all types of areas into visually stunning and safe spaces.

Our decorative markings can add a splash of colour and a creative look and feel to any dull asphalt surface, while our resin systems create modern paving solutions that is visually stunning and can be adapted with different design elements, shapes and colours. The options are endless – so give free rein to your imagination.

No matter which solution you choose, you do not have to worry about safety issues either.  Apart from the evident decorative effect, the environmentally friendly and skid-resistant materials also make surfaces safe to walk on.

See our recommended solutions for the areas below – or view our full product program:


Playgrounds and parks

With our decorative preformed markings you can make asphalt areas a place for fun and creativity. Playground games can be a fun and alternative way of learning to spell or count, while public parks can be visually enhanced with bespoke, creative markings. The high friction of our materi­als minimise the risk of slippery surfaces making it a safe place for the children to play.

Recommended products

Heritage sites

Refurbishment projects on heritage and conservation sites demands a very special solution that matches both the buildings and their surroundings. Our resin paving systems is an ideal choice as they offer a modern, but stylish paving solution with a wide variety of aggregates and finishes available.

Recommended products

Full product program

Preformed thermoplastic

All types of creative, decorative and colorful markings can be produced in our preformed material, DecoMark. The precut pieces are easily applied with a heat torch and is ready to use on delivery. It is available in a large variety of colours which makes it easy to design decorative signs and symbols to fit every need.


Resin surfacing

Resin surfacing offers a modern take on traditional paving products with endless variations. With a quick and easy to install system you can create an attractive, highly durable surface, ideal for everything from public spaces, commercial and retail areas, domestic driveways and paths. The wide range of aggregate colours and shapes available offers the potential to introduce design elements.



With our range of liquid products, even larger areas can easily be made decorative and beautiful. The materials can be painted or rolled out in whatever shape or form is needed to create colourful decorations of areas such as playgrounds and public spaces. Depending on the product and roller used different levels of skid resistance can be obtained.