Preformed thermoplastic road marking

PREMARK Anti-Skid - securing steps and surfaces

PREMARK Anti-Skid is a preformed thermoplastic marking with particularly strong anti-skid properties. It is recommended for accentuating steps, for safe-proving slippery substrates and for any other places where its inherent anti-skid qualities can improve user-safety. PREMARK Anti-Skid makes your surfaces safer - one step at the time...

Strong anti-skid effect in one easy step

Application is easy, fast and requires very little equipment and manpower: All you need is a heat torch, a broom and a person to apply it.

Anti-skid material is embedded directly into PREMARK Anti-Skid during the production process, thus eliminating the need for post-sprinkling. The anti-skid material consists of a special aggregate composed of glass grains which provides particularly strong anti-skid properties.

The special processing of the material allows glass grains without sharp edges to be embedded into the material, providing an SRT higher than 0.65 post-application.

Flexibility is key

PREMARK Anti-Skid comes in different readily available formats: Sheets (e.g. recommendable for markings on bicycle lanes and manhole covers), strips or rolls (e.g. recommendable for visually accentuating edges of steps).

The flexible thermoplastic material can easily be cut and fitted into various shapes and sizes depending on the job at hand. For example, is can also be used for sealing linear cracks in the road.

PREMARK Anti-Skid is compatible with various surfaces. On concrete, however, we recommend applying the two-component primer, Viaxi, beforehand.