Decorative and colorful preformed markings

DecoMark - creative, decorative and colorful markings

With DecoMark you can make the asphalt your canvas and make dark and dull surfaces stand out. Whether it is a playground, a public area or a business entrance that needs an update, DecoMark decorative markings offer a creative solution. The idea of DecoMark is quite simple: You name it – we make it!

Playground games for active learning

If your playground needs a new look, the colourful DecoMark markings offer an easy, quality solution. The decorative games invite the children to be active whilst having fun. For instance, DecoMark playground games can be a fun and alternative way of learning how to spell or count. The options are endless – so give free rein to your imagination.

No matter what theme you may choose, you do not have to worry about safety issues. Our high friction materials minimise the risk of slippery surfaces and make it a safe place for the children to play.

Brand your business with DecoMark

DecoMark gives you the opportunity to design public areas in a new and different way with creative and colourful designs. It also offers a different approach for branding the entrance of your business premises, for example. Branding, image and service are important parameters for all companies, and if you mark your parking area with corporate colours, logos or symbols, you can welcome your guests, direct them in the right direction and brand your business at the same time.

Colourful and environmentally friendly

DecoMark is available in 26 colours which makes it easy to design decorative signs and symbols to fit every need. If required, we also make customised colours outside the standard palette. 

The preformed thermoplastic material used for DecoMark has done well in sensibility tests according to international standards. The pigments used in DecoMark are all organic and the material does not emit any environmentally harmful substances. Making your creative markings with DecoMark thus minimises the risk of skin problems and allergic reactions.

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