AquaRoute® water borne road marking paint

AquaRoute® - waterborne road marking paint

AquaRoute® is our environmentally friendly waterborne road marking paints characterised by their easy use and fast-drying drying abilities. There are no special restrictions in order to work with waterborne paint, and it can be applied on both concrete and bituminous surfaces.

Easy, flexible and fast application

AquaRoute® waterborne paint is suitable for application of centre lines and edge lines on country roads, national roads and state roads, where traffic wear and number of cars is low. It can also be used for re-routing of roads where it can cover the permanent markings for a limited time period; or for events like city runs, marathons and exhibitions where a short term marking is required. AquaRoute® can be applied with both high pressure and low pressure equipment, which are easily cleaned with only clear water and a brush.

If a fast drying time is required, we recommend using AquaRoute® UWS-BST or AquaRoute® AQ 6010. The special formulation allows a pass-over time of less than four minutes, which means that traffic disturbance is reduced to a minimum. In order to achieve a shorter drying time, the marking is sprayed with the drying accelerator AquaRoute® UWSTwinDry. This application technique is patented under the number N° EP 0 654 068 for PlastiRoute GmbH.