Bandfill™ – Road & surface repair

Bandfill™ – hot-applied anti-skid sealer

BandFill™ is a hot-applied sealer that can be used for sealing cracks in the road surface as well as joints and edges of repaired asphalt areas. The flexible and highly skid-resistant material is available in both lines and rolls, depending on the job at hand.

A ‘bandaid’ for the asphalt

Cracks in the asphalt are hard to avoid as they can appear for many reasons. BandFill provides effective first aid for precisely such damages and can be applied all year round. The material prevents water ingress and progressive fretting which minimises the risk of the cracks getting larger. In this way you will avoid more extensive repairs, prolong the lifetime of the road, and keep costs down as the repairs are easily done without the use of heavy or specialised equipment.

Durable, safe and flexible

The rolls are easy to handle and take little space in your road and surface repair kit. All you need for the application is in fact a heat torch. Once the area has been cleaned and dried, simply roll BandFill onto the surface following the path of the crack and heat the material with a heat torch until it bonds with the surface and creates an effective ‘bandaid’.

BandFill is compatible with all asphalt surfaces and with the use of a primer, it can also be installed on non-bituminous surfaces (e.g. concrete, bricks and cobble stones). It can be applied all year round, and adhesion to the bituminous asphalt surface is very strong. The flexible product is produced using recycled materials and is easy to cut to size leaving no product waste.