DecoMark™ markings as part of a light installation

It is not the first time where DecoMark™ was used for art. This time it is an interactive light installation on the bicycle route RijnWaalpad between Arnhem and Nijmegen in the Netherlands, which is controlable by the user with the app "Bicycle Buddy".

Last week we have installed 6 logos which are a part of an art installation for the global cycling summit “Velo-city 2017” in Arnhem-Nijmegen in Netherlands. For our client, the design bureau “Brandes en Meurs” we have installed 6 Logos which are made in DecoMark™ on a bicycle route between Arnhem and Nijmegen. The total length of the bicycle route is 15,8 km.

The light installation consists out of the logos we have installed, lights in the tunnel and on the rest of the way to illuminate the bicycle route when it is night. The lights are in different colours and the user can choose this colours by themselves by using a special app "Bicycle Buddy".  The intention is to have these markings at more places. At least 25 next are promised.

Proud sponsors of the Road Safety Award

Proud sponsors of the Road Safety Award

When the European Cyclists’ Federation launches the ECF awards at the Velo-city cycling summit, Geveko Markings will be the proud sponsor of one of the four awards.

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