Geveko Markings has developed a new and innovative road marking profile that will improve traffic safety

Better visibility, reduction of noise and increased road safety, these are the benefits of the new and innovative ViaTherm LongDot™ road marking, which Geveko Markings has developed in collaboration with the Danish Road Authorities and some of its co-operation partners in the industry.

Across the globe we are experiencing more and more vehicles on the road and increased traffic intensity during rush hours. This, mixed with poor weather and the dark periods of the day, means that visible line markings are crucial for road safety and good traffic flow.

Road markings all over the World are mainly based on two types of markings. the ordinary flat road marking (Type I) and the structured profiled marking (Type II), which, apart from being visible in wet conditions, provides an audible rumble noise and noticeable vibration when driven over, as a warning to the driver that they are crossing the edge lines.

The flat markings do not create any noise when passing them and can be difficult to see in poor weather conditions when dark. Structured profiled road markings on the other hand, are much easier to see and reflect light from vehicles better as they drain surface water away from the marking while it’s raining. Unfortunately, the noise they make when passing over means that they are unsuitable for anything else other than edge lines.

Effective road markings are paramount for road safety, the newly developed road marking from Geveko Markings combines the best attributes and performance of the two types of markings, which means that ViaTherm LongDot™ could, in the future, replace and be used for all kinds of road markings.

ViaTherm LongDot™ combines the best from flat and structured profiled road markings through its revolutionary profile that is designed to limit the vibration and noise inside a vehicle, as its tyres drive over the edges of the marking, to an absolute minimum.

During the development phase, ViaTherm LongDot™ has been tested at Aarhus Airport and on the Danish Road Authorities official test deck. It is also been used on a trial base on and around work zones in Denmark.

In addition, a research report has been prepared which examines the motorist’s response and so-called preview time using the ViaTherm LongDot™ compared to the normal standard markings. Normally the lower limit for preview time is 2 seconds, but in dark and wet conditions the preview time for normal road markings is less than 2 seconds. The research report shows that by using the new road marking profile the preview time is improved by up to 50%, making driving more comfortable and safe.

ViaTherm LongDot™ is expected to increase road safety and to improve traffic flow by reducing congestions on motorways and main roads. Due to the limited visibility of the conventional flat road marking, drivers tend to stay close to the edge lines and therefore do not utilize the capacity of the road appropriately, they can also noticeably slow down or brake suddenly when visibility becomes too poor. The performance of the new ViaTherm LongDot™ will enhance motorists’ orientation and reduce the likelihood of road accidents.

The combination of better visibility in wet conditions and lower noise makes the ViaTherm LongDot™ suitable for use in both cities and on smaller roads where structured and profiled road markings have not been used or allowed within 150 meters of buildings. Therefore, a lot of conventional flat road markings have been used, even though there is a strong need for increased visibility.

Geveko Markings has, during the last couple of years, worked on development of this new and innovative road marking profile, which is a breakthrough for road marking materials. The better visibility during poor weather is critical for both human drivers and for autonomous driving, ViaTherm LongDot™ will contribute to better and safer traffic flow Worldwide.

For further information please contact:

André D. Thomsen            
Group COO           

Proud sponsors of the Road Safety Award

Proud sponsors of the Road Safety Award

When the European Cyclists’ Federation launches the ECF awards at the Velo-city cycling summit, Geveko Markings will be the proud sponsor of one of the four awards.

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