ViaTherm® - thermoplastic road marking material

ViaTherm® is a certified thermoplastic road marking material for a wide variety of normal, special and structural markings. ViaTherm® can be applied as Type I and Type II markings, and the thermoplastic material can be extruded, sprayed or manually applied. ViaTherm® is for every road marking task: long lining, centre lines, edge lines, hatched areas and pedestrian crossings. 

Retro reflection and durability

ViaTherm® thermoplast performs in terms of retro reflection and long-lasting durability. Glass beads are embedded in the material. The glass beads will appear one by one, which secures long retro reflection and visibility, although the material slowly wears out.

Not harmful to you or the environment

The material is supplied ready to use without the admixture of any other component. The sacks are included in the ViaTherm® material and are thrown directly in the kettle for heating up. ViaTherm® quickly hardens after application, thereby minimising traffic disturbance. Neither the organic pigments nor the other components of ViaTherm® thermoplastic road marking are harmful to the environment.
ViaTherm® thermoplastic is also safe for the workers. The negative test result of a sensibility test according to international standards indicates that performing your line markings with ViaTherm® minimises the risk of allergic reactions and skin problems.