PlastiRoute® RP-3C

PlastiRoute RP-3C

PlastiRoute RP-3C is a solvent-free sprayable 3 component cold plastic. PlastiRoute RP-3C is applied by spray with the pelle machine and achieves good adhesion to the ground due to its good flow-ability. With the Pneumatic spray application technique the PlastiRoute RP-3C can contain 1,5 mm quartz-particles inside resulting in one fast and easy application.

Large Area Markings

PlastiRoute RP-3C is ideally suited for bicycle lanes, playground markings or other large areas in combination with the Pelle-Machine. With a pot life of ~48 hours and pass-over ~40 min it is fast and efficient to cover vast areas.

Add letter, signs and symbols on top

Our PREMARK™ preformed thermoplastic symbols are easily applied on top of PlastiRoute RP-3C without the use of primer, as the two products have been developed to bond well with each other.