Get moving with micromobility

Download the micromobility planning toolbox by Copenhagenize

If you are looking for concrete guidelines on how to implement micromobility markings, look no further. We got you covered!

In cooperation with Copenhagenize Design Co., we have developed a complete micromobility planning toolbox. With this in hand, you will be equipped with concrete expert advice on how the right kind of markings can increase safety for cyclists and other micromobility users.

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  • Unsignalised Bicycle Path Crossings
  • Signalised Bicycle Path Crossing
  • Bicycle Boxes
  • Micromobility Parking
  • Micromobility Wayfinding

Listen to experts in their field

Copenhanize decribes themself as:

"We're the multi-disciplinary "go-to team" for cities in all matters relating to bicycle culture, planning, traffic and communications. We approach every job from a human-centred perspective – using design, anthropology, sociology and common sense as our points of departure.

Our speciality lies in advising and inspiring cities, governments and organisations about the re-establishment of the bicycle as a normal form of urban transport. For us, our work is to design a monument in each city we work in – to ingenuity, rationality and human-powered transport."