Road & surface repair

Road & Surface Repair

In order to keep the roads safe, proper maintenance is required. This not only helps limit the risk of extended damages, but also the need for more extensive and costly repairs. Most importantly, regular road repairs prolong the lifetime of the road and increases safety.

Still, worn and damaged roads are unfortunately not a rare sight. Perhaps because fear of huge costs and long traffic shut-downs can make it seem like an immense project to get these damages fixed. But fear not, it does not have to have to be that way!

At Geveko Markings, we have developed a complete solution for road and surface repair. It consists of four different and combinable products which makes it easy for you to repair potholes, cracks and outbreaks before they turn into big and costly projects. Easy-to-carry bags and buckets combined with a simple application process means that repairs can often be done in a matter of minutes. 

See our recommended solutions for the areas below – or view our full product program:


Potholes on the road can be safety hazards and must be attended to quickly in order to avoid accidents. Depending on the size of the road damage, we recommend using our hot-applied surface defect repair ChipFill™ on its own or in combination with AggreFill™. These two specially designed products provide a fast and easy repair of the road with a minimal downtime of traffic.

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Sometimes the road is in need of a helping hand. In these situations, BandFill™ provides an efficient “first aid”. These light weight strips with high anti-skid properties can be used for sealing cracks in the road surface as well as the edges of repaired asphalt areas. The flexible product is available in both lines and rolls - depending on the job at hand.

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Cobblestone bonding

ChipFill™ offers an easy fix when it comes to filling in the joints between cobblestones. By using ChipFill in this way, you can prevent the cobblestones from washing out at harbour areas. Filling the joints with ChipFill also makes it possible to apply preformed markings on top of the cobblestones - plus it makes them more comfortable to walk on.

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Surface levelling and irregular damages

ColdFill™ is an ideal solution for levelling out larger surfaces that suffers from irregular damages. The self-levelling product ensures a smooth and even surface which is the perfect foundation when applying a preformed marking or one of our liquid materials.

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ChipFill is our effective pothole repair system for smaller damages on roads. It is fast and easilt applied with the use of a heat torch which makes it conform to the contours of the pothole and bond to the surface. This makes ChipFill a durable and cost-effective solution as it prevents damages from becoming bigger and more expensive to repair.


Potholes that are left unattended can become a great threat to road safety and beyond what ChipFill is able to repair on its own. This is where AggreFill comes to the rescue. By combining ChipFill with this pre-coated aggregate filler, you will be able to reapir bigger and deeper holes, and keep roads from deteriorating further.


BandFill is our hot-applied sealer ideal for sealing cracks in the road surface as well as joints and edges of repaired asphalt areas. It prevents water ingress and progressive fretting which minimises the risk of the cracks getting larger. In this way you will avoid more extensive repairs, prolong the lifetime of the road, and keep costs down.


ColdFill is our cold-applied, self-levelling sealer. The composition and mode of application makes it suitable for repairing long as well as irregular cracks, but also surfaces with microcracks and small holes. These are the type of damages that are known to be difficult to repair properly - but the simple application of ColdFil makes it easy to handle.