Road & surface repair

Road & Surface Repair

Worn and damaged roads are unfortunately not a rare sight. Fear of huge costs and long traffic shut-downs can make it seem like an immense project to get these damages fixed. But that does not have to be an issue.

Four products that does the job! Formation and shape of road damages differ greatly, and not seldom there are combinations of damages in the same area, posing challenges for proper repair. But with the easy to carry product range from Geveko Markings you will have the full solution for almost any repair readily available.

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Potholes on the road can be dangerous hazards and must be attended to quickly to avoid accidents. Depending on the size of the road damage, we offer two different specially designed products which will fast and easily repair the road with a minimal downtime of traffic.

Recommended products

First aid for asphalt

Sometimes the road is in need of a helping hand. In these situations, PREMARK Overbanding will provide the “first aid”. It can be used both for sealing cracks in the road surface and the edges of repaired areas of asphalt. The flexible solution is available in both lines and rolls, depending on the job at hand.

Recommended products

Cobblestone bonding

ChipFill® is a great solution when it comes to filling in the joints in between cobblestones. This is an easy solution for preventing the cobblestones from washing out at harbour areas. Filling the joints with ChipFill, also makes it possible to apply preformed markings on top of the cobblestones and makes them more comfortable to walk on.

Recommended products

Surface levelling

ColdFill is an ideal solution for levelling larger surfaces. As the product is self-levelling, it ensures a smooth and even surface which is the perfect foundation when applying a preformed marking or one of our liquid materials.

Recommended products

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ChipFill is a fast pothole repair system that are easily applied with the use of a heat torch. It offers effective solution for smaller damages on roads and help minimise the risk of the defects getting bigger.

PREMARK™ Overbanding

PREMARK Overbanding is a hot applied sealer used for sealing cracks and joints. PREMARK Overbanding prevents water ingress and progressive fretting, and thereby reduces the risk of the cracks getting larger. This will reduce risk of continued and enlarged repairs, prolong the lifetime of the road, and keep costs down.


PlastiRoute Filler is a cold applied, self-levelling sealer. The composition and mode of application makes PlastiRoute Filler suitable and practical for repairing e.g. long cracks, irregular cracks, and surfaces with microcracks and small holes. Damages that with other methods might be time consuming and difficult to otherwise repair properly.