Regulatory traffic

Regulatory Traffic

Traffic safety is one of our main concerns. Therefore, our road marking materials are made to ensure a better and safer traffic flow worldwide.

In our solutions for regulatory traffic, you will find markings to suit all types of challenges specifically for the road. Our range include high-quality markings in preformed thermoplastic, liquids and hot-applied thermoplastic. Whether you are looking for long lasting markings for heavy traffic, signs and symbols to guide road users or highly visible markings in dark and wet conditions, you can count on our marking materials to get the job done.

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Linear markings

Visible linear markings are crucial in order to make sure that drivers stay in the right lane and are able to find their way even in bad weather conditions. Our range of materials for linear markings offers durable, high-quality solutions for all types of roads, climates and traffic loads. We specifically recommend our thermoplastic or cold plastic systems, which can be applied as both flat and structured markings.

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Route signs and arrows

Route signs and arrows help drivers navigate in traffic and ease the traffic flow on busy roads. Our preformed marking range includes all types of traffic signs and symbols to cover this need. The markings have a high level of retroreflection which means that they are also visible at night, where the car lights will be reflected in their surface.

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Traffic calming

Traffic calming covers all the measures that can be taken to encourage drivers to slow down, be alert or drive more responsibly on certain road stretches. Our solutions for this traffic requirement include preformed traffic speed limit symbols and rumble lines that audibly and physically warns drivers of the need to be alert.

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Intersection and traffic control

In order to prevent accidents and traffic jams in busy intersections, it is important with the right type of road markings. Our thermoplastic, cold plastic and preformed materials provide solutions in the form of highly durable braking zones, pedestrian crossings and other types of markings that helps control the flow in highly trafficked areas.

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Preformed thermoplastic

All officially registered traffic symbols, signs and lines are available in our preformed thermoplastic material, which has been precut to ensure an easy application process. The material has the same characteristics as thermoplastic including high retroreflection and long-term durability, which makes it ideal for even high trafficked areas.


Our liquid products cover both our range of paint and cold plastic product line. Each material has it own individual properties, but common for the liquid range is that it provide cost-effective, high-quality lines that are compatible with most surfaces. The products can be applied by various methods including; spray, brush or roller, allowing for a versatile and quick application.


Thermoplastic is a hot-applied material with premix and drop-on glass beads that ensures continued high levels of visibility. It meets the demands for high trafficked areas and various climates, and can be used for both Type I and Type II markings. Thermoplastic hardens quickly which means that traffic only need to be disturbed for a minimum amount of time during application.

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See what we have made together with our customers

03-03-21 - Latvia
Cold weather and damp roads are usully not a good foundation for a road marking application. But with Viatherm™ Viking you can expand your marking season.
09-08-18 - Portugal
Once again AquaRoute™ has been chosen for the A6 motorway in Portugal with an excellent performance.
13-06-18 - Russian Federation
Thanks to the application of our PREMARK™ and DecoMark™ products, the roads have become safer and the playground more fun in the family friendly compound “Angelovo” outside Moscow.
01-06-18 - Russian Federation
At Sheremetyevo International Airport in Russia, they have had great experience with durable PREAMARK signs. A new portion of PREMARK speed limit signs have now successfully been applied - just in time for the many tourists that arrives for the FIFA World Cup 2018.
18-07-17 - Portugal
The Portuguese company Trafiurbe used AquaRoute AQ4 waterborne paint to refresh the edge lines of highway 12 in Portugal. This helped increase night time visibility (RL values) as well as daytime visibility (Qd values) and as a result, Trafiurbe won the BRISA tender 2017.