Events & specialities

Events & Specialities

When it comes to road markings, long durabiltiy is often a priority. But sometimes you need road markings for special events that lasts for a limited amount of time. For example, markings can be very useful for guiding festival and concert guests to the right place, for giving directions at an outdoor market or for making sure that runners take the right route at city races. The common denominator for these types of events is that once they are over, you would like the roads to go back to the way they were before. With our easily-applied products you can temporarily mark your desired lines and symbols, and when the time comes, just as easily remove the markings again with a high-pressure washer. 

Other special markings demands a longer durability, however. Social distancing and click-and-collect symbols are examples of markings that are ideal to make with our preformed material. 

At Geveko Markings, we offer a range of products to cover all those special occasions and requirements. 

See our recommended solutions for the areas below – or view our full product program:

Temporary markings

Our temporary road marking paints are the go-to solution when it comes to events like city runs or any type of festival, concert or cultural arrangement. By guiding visitors and guests effectively on their way, these markings will get the job done and be easily removed once the event is over. 

Recommended products

COVID-19 - Social distancing symbols

Our preformed symbols offer a particularly ideal solution when it comes to keeping the safety precautions inflicted by the COVID-19 epidemic. The permanent and easily applicable signs are a simple, but effective way of visualising how people can keep a safe distance while standing in line outside the grocery store or waiting at the bus stop, for example. 

Recommended products

Full product program

Preformed thermoplastic symbols

All types of bespoke designs are available in our high-quality preformed thermoplastic material, PREMARK™. The precut pieces are easily applied with a heat torch and is ready to use on delivery making it an ideal solution for urgent projects.


Temporary markings

AquaRoute Tempi is our environmentally friendly waterborne road marking paint used for temporary markings. This can be useful for events like city runs where a short term marking is required as guidance or for re-routing of roads as a way cover the permanent markings during road repairs.