Area markings

Area Markings

Some areas in traffic needs extra attention. Our extensive product range for area markings lets you choose from a selection of products that will make any of the below areas stand out and at the same time increase their safety.

Adding colour and friction is a great way to upgrade the road surface and lower the risk of accidents in these types of areas. This can be achieved with our range of liquid, high friction and preformed materials. By enhancing areas in terms of striking colours and skid-resistance, you can make sure that they are both noticeable and safe for all road users.

See our recommended solutions for the areas below – or view our full product program:


Bus and bicycle lanes

In order to visually separatebus and bicycle lanes from the rest of the road, we recommend our cold plastic line, PlastiRoute®. It comes in a variety of colours and has a high skid-resistance, which makes it ideal for creating safe and separate lanes. If required, PREMARK® preformed markings such as bicycle symbols, arrows and route numbers can easily be applied on top.

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Junctions and intersections

Being the nerve centre of city traffic, junctions and intersections must be easy to navigate through for all road users. This can be achieved with our colourful and slip-resistent PlastiRoute® products, which visually grabs the attention of drivers and let them brake safely when reaching the intersection.

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Parking bays

Colours and symbols are an effective way of helping people navigate their way around big and busy parking areas. For this pure recommend our waterborne paint line, AquaRoute®, which can be used to creating both smooth and rough surfaces. PREMARK® preformed lines and symbols can easily be applied on top of the coloured parking bays or directly on the asphalt if required.

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Industrial and safety

When it comes to ensuring the safety of pedestrians, visually impaired people and factory workers, some areas demand extra attention. To resolve this specific and important need we have developed a full product program which covers both indoor coloured surfacing, preformed skid-resistant materials and tactile markings.

Recommended products

Full product program

Preformed thermoplastic

All horizontal traffic signs, symbols and lines are available in our preformed thermoplastic material. The fast application and long durability makes it suitable for areas with high traffic loads. The precut markings can easily be applied on top of most of our coloured marking solutions, which is often a useful combination. For area markings.



Our liquid product lines are ideal for creating colourful surfacing solutions for larger areas. Our cold plastic is characterised by its high durability, low abrasion and low dirt pickup and is particularly useful for areas with high traffic loads. The fast-drying, waterborne paint is applied in a thin layer which means that it is more suitable for roads with less traffic.


High friction surfacing

HotGrip and ColdGrip are high friction product lines which can be used to provide skid-resistant pads on specific areas. This includes junction approaches, sharp bends, roundabouts and crossings and any other potential risk-prone road surfaces. The products are quick and easy to apply, and their colour is achieved by the use of naturally coloured aggregates.