Accessibility & safety

Accessibility & Safety

When it comes to ensuring the safety of pedestrians, visually impaired and factory workers, there are special considerations to be taken. We have therefore developed a full product program for industrial and safety markings to resolve this specific and important need.

With our range of perceptible warnings, you can create safe indoor environments, safe-proof steps and help guide the visually impaired in traffic. Our product range includes everything in coloured surfacing, skid-resistant materials and tactile markings suitable for parking houses, warehouses and industrial buildings as well as stairs, steps and streets.

See our recommended solutions for the areas below – or view our full product program:


Walkways, stairs and steps

PREMARK™ Anti-skid is a preformed thermoplastic marking with particularly strong anti-skid properties. It is highly recommended for accentuating steps, for safe-proving slippery substrates and for any other places where its inherent anti-skid qualities can improve user-safety.

Recommended products

Road ironworks

Our temporary road marking paint, AquaRoute™ Tempi, can be used for re-routing of roads where it can cover the permanent markings for a limited time period. This helps ease the flow of traffic and keeps both road users and the road workers safe while the road work is underway.

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Tactile markings

We have developed two tiles to help the blind and visually impaired navigate the streets with tactile markings. The domed TacPad indicates a safe place to cross the road (e.g. a pedestrian crossing) or a change of direction. The ribbed TacGuide, on the other hand, informs you of and guides you through hazardous areas in the traffic.

Recommended products

Full product program

Tactile markings

With their tactile properties these markings can help guide visually impaired people and provide slip- and skid-resistant surfaces for improved safety. Choose between the domed TacPad which indicates a safe place to cross the road (e.g. a pedestrian crossing) or a change of direction and the ribbed TacGuide, that guides you through hazardous areas in the traffic.


Preformed thermoplastic

Our preformed materials for accessibility & safety markings are produced in flexible thermoplastic making it easy to cut and possible to shape around curves and edges. We offer a wide range of symbols and materials that add anti-skid properties to exsisting surfaces. 


Temporary markings

AquaRoute Tempi is our environmentally friendly waterborne road marking paint used for temporary markings. This can be useful for events like city runs where a short term marking is required as guidance or for re-routing of roads as a way cover the permanent markings during road repairs.