Preformed thermoplastic road marking

PREMARK® - preformed thermoplastic road marking

Durable and easy to use

PREMARK® lasts 6-8 times longer than paint and all horizontal traffic signs, traffic symbols and traffic markings are available in this material.

PREMARK® is a preformed thermoplastic road marking product, which is ready to use and can be laid all year round. It is simple and quick to use as it only requires a brush and a gas burner to be applied! Sweep off the surface, apply the PREMARK® thermoplastic and use the gas burner to fix in place. No big investment or machinery concerns are needed when choosing a PREMARK® road marking solution. 

Permanent marking with retro reflection

PREMARK® is a permanent marking with long lasting durability. The material fuses with the surface and ensures a long life. PREMARK® lasts 6–8 times longer than road markings painted on the road surface.

Glass beads are evenly dispersed on the surface and all through the 3 mm thick preformed thermoplastic material to ensure optimum reflection during the life time of the product. A patented temperature indicator system indicates when PREMARK® has been sufficiently heated.

Certified markings of traffic symbols, traffic signs, lines, arrows, letters and numbers

All over the world, PREMARK® helps ease everyday traffic and guides road users safely on their way with well-known symbols. The PREMARK® range includes all officially registered traffic symbols, traffic signs, lines, pedestrian crossings, arrows, letters and numbers.

PREMARK® is a certified marking and has several international approvals such as ATG, BASt and NF. The colour pigments in PREMARK® are organic and other components of the thermoplastic material do not give off environmentally harmful substances.

Moreover, PREMARK® has passed sensibility tests according to international standards which means that performing your road marking job with PREMARK® reduces the risk of skin problems and allergic reactions to a minimum.