Cold Plastic Type II Marking

Type 2 Cold Plastic Road Marking

PlastiRoute® SpotLine® are paste-like and solvent-free road marking cold plastics, which cure by addition of peroxide initiator. They are recommended as permanent Type 2 road marking for high trafficked roads on asphalt as well as on concrete via primer.

PlastiRoute® SpotLine® are available in two different viscosities:

  • Medium viscosity: PlastiRoute® SpotLine®
  • High viscosity: PlastiRoute®SpotLine® V3

Some application machines demand a split into two main components plus peroxide initiator (99:1 _ 49:50:1). For such kind of equipment all PlastiRoute® Cold Plastics are offered in a 3 component (also known as 1:1 or 50 : 50) version, too.

Hot or cold climate

Furthermore all 2 Component versions are offered additionally with special Reactivity for very hot as well as very cold application temperatures with lower, respectively higher Reactivity.


PlastiRoute®SpotLine® is quite viscous. Therefore in order to achieve good adhesion to the road it should be centrifuged/ thrown or shot onto the ground. To be used for stochastic agglomerates (like rotating bar with pins), regular agglomerates (dot-shooting) and vibration/noise bars.

PlastiRoute® SpotLine® V3 is very viscous and very thixotropic. Therefore it needs to be shot onto the road, e.g. by the SpotLine® - technique. To be used for regular agglomerates (dot-shooting) and vibration/noise bars.

Primarily requested quality is:

PlastiRoute® SpotLine®nt-2C V3, White