Cold plastic road marking material - PlastiRoute®

Cold plastic developed for high traffic requirements

PlastiRoute® is our 2- and 3-component cold plastic product line. It has been developed for applications where high traffic loads occur but very good visibility is requested.

The various types of PlastiRoute® products can be devided into 4 classes: PlastiRoute® FP (Fine Plastic), PlastiRoute® RP (Rough Plastic), PlastiRoute® RollPlast/RollGrip and PlastiRoute® CSP (Cold Spray Plastic). All can be applied by hand, whereas typically the CSP and the FP are applied by machine application.

3 component systems are popular among machine designing engineers, and all PlastiRoute® products are offered in 2 component solutions, too.

In addition to the special properties of cold plastics, PlastiRoute® systems are characterized by high durability, low abrasion and low dirt pick up. Furthermore in order to ensure consistent product quality throughout the year, PlastiRoute® cold plastic systems are offered for normal temperatures or in different settings for summer or winter temperatures.

SpotLine® is a regular Type II agglomerate marking, combining PlastiRoute® Fine Plastic material, fine drop-on beads and a sophisticated application technique.

Apply by hand or machine

Application by hand can be done with typical tools like a trowel, scraper, draw-box or roller as well as nonelectric hand-driven machines.

With machine application a wide variety of road marking patterns and lines can be applied with PlastiRoute® cold plastics.

InjectLine® are cost efficient cold spray plastic lines. A mixture of big glass beads and coarse anti-skid aggregates is shot into the PlastiRoute® CSP spray beam, thereby creating a structured thick layer marking. The created texture is immediately covered with fine drop on beads. By this, a thick layer marking with particularly good characteristics for grip, night-time visibility at rain as well as high wear resistance is produced in a spraying process.

Cold plastic for different climates

By the development of our PlastiRoute®hot climate = hc we could extend our product portfolio. Especially in challenging climate areas PlastiRoute®hot climate = hc is used successfully and can be delivered in different material classes depending on application technique.