Cold Plastic Type II Marking

PlastiRoute® SpotLine® - Type II cold plastic road marking

Our PlastiRoute® SpotLine® products are paste-like and solvent-free road marking cold plastics, which cure by addition of peroxide initiator. They are recommended as permanent Type II road markings for heavily trafficked roads and can be applied on asphalt as well as on concrete via primer.

PlastiRoute® SpotLine® is available in two different viscosities:

  • PlastiRoute® SpotLine: Medium viscosity
  • PlastiRoute®SpotLine® V3: High viscosity

Some application machines demand a split into two main components plus peroxide initiator (99:1 _ 49:50:1). In order to meet this demand, PlastiRoute® cold plastics are offered in three-component versions as well (also known as 1:1 or 50:50) .

Solutions for hot or cold climates

All two-component versions are also offered with special reactivity that accommodates very hot and very cold application temperatures, respectively.

PlastiRoute®SpotLine® is quite viscous. Therefore, it need to be centrifuged, thrown or shot onto the ground in order to achieve good adhesion to the road surface. It is suitable for stochastic agglomerates (e.g. rotating bar with pins), regular agglomerates (dot-shooting) and vibration/noise bars.

PlastiRoute® SpotLine® V3 is very viscous and thixotropic. Therefore it needs to be shot onto the road, e.g. by means of the SpotLine® technique. It is suitable for regular agglomerates (dot-shooting) and vibration/noise bars.

The primarily requested quality is PlastiRoute® SpotLine®nt-2C V3, White.