Indoor markings

InFloor® - for your indoor marking needs

Create a safe work environment

At indoors facilities where employees or customers move among vehicular traffic, markings are an essential tool in regards to safety. Indoor markings can also help guide users around or as a means to streamline a production facility by e.g. colour coding different areas and routes.

Different locations are subjected to different kind of wear and tear. With that in mind, our keen experts have developed InFloor® - our line of products for indoor use. No matter what your requirements may be, we have waterborne, solventborne or thermoplastic products to fit your need.

InFloor® ensures a minimal downtime

Busy locations and production sites cannot afford to be shut down for long - and with the InFloor® product line they do not have to. The InFloor® markings does not require heavy machinery for application which makes it possible to mark small areas at the time while keeping the rest of the workspace open. As a result, you will have a minimal amount of nuisance in a busy work environment.

Choose your colour and customise your marking

We have a wide range of vibrant and UV resistant colours to choose from which makes it easy to distinguish between different areas. After applying the InFloor® marking, you can add PREMARK® symbols, numbers or letters on top as needed. This makes specific areas easily recognisable and thus more efficient. We have a wide range of standard symbols, but we can make any type of symbol upon request.