Extend your marking season

ViaTherm Viking

We all know the situation, where the road authorities or other road marking clients are asking for the roads to be marked, but the roads are too moist or wet. With ViaTherm Viking, the application window for bulk thermoplastic is increased and the application season is prolonged.

Conquer the weather

ViaTherm Viking is a thermoplastic road marking material specially developed for application during early spring and late fall, where the roads tend to be moist.
ViaTherm Viking has special adhesion properties, high functional performance and long durability.

ViaTherm Viking is applied like other bulk thermoplastic road marking materials from Geveko Markings. However, the special formulation of ViaTherm Viking makes the adhesion to the road stronger over time even if the initial adhesion is affected by moisture. As a result, ViaTherm Viking can be applied even when there is light moist on the asphalt. By using turbine dryers or gas burners enough excess water can be removed from the wet surfaces for them to be classified as surfaces with light moist and then prepared for ViaTherm Viking. Moist is when there is no free flowing water on top of the surface or in the surface pores.

The results are in!

ViaTherm Viking has been tested on Nordic road trials in Sweden and Denmark with good results for adhesion and functional performance. In real life, ViaTherm Viking has been successfully applied for more than four years in the Nordic region.