Thermoplastic road marking material


ViaTherm is a certified thermoplastic road marking material that ensures safe, high-quality markings. It can be used for a wide variety of regular, special and structural marking tasks - including centre lines, edge lines, hatched areas and pedestrian crossings. ViaTherm is a flexible product suitable for both Type I and Type II markings and it can be extruded, sprayed or manually applied.

High performance and long-term durability

ViaTherm is characterised by its high performance and long-term durability. The glass beads embedded all the way through the material continues to appear even after the material begins to wear out. This secures an excellent product performance over a long period of time as the marking’s retroreflection and visibility is not compromised by initial wear and tear.

One of the other trademarks of ViaTherm is the fact that is hardens quickly after application. This makes it practical to work with as traffic is only disturbed for a minimum amount of time.

Safe for you and the environment

ViaTherm is ready to use on delivery without the admixture of other components. The packaging is in fact added directly to the kettle as a binder, which makes it very easy to handle.

Neither the organic pigments nor any of the other components used in ViaTherm are harmful for the environment or the people working with it. ViaTherm complies with international testing certifications and a sensibility test concludes that ViaTherm minimises the risk of allergic reactions and skin problems.