ColdFill™ - Road & surface repair

ColdFill™ - cold-applied, self-levelling sealer

ColdFill™ is our cold-applied sealer with self-levellig properties. The composition and application process makes it suitable for repairing long as well as irregular cracks, but also surfaces with microcracks and small holes.

Level out damages in no time

ColdFill is easy to apply: By using a screed-box you simply drag out the product over e.g. long and irregular cracks. Or simply use a trowel if it is a wider area. Due to its self-levelling properties, ColdFill sinks into the damage and creates a proper seal with strong adhesion. Curing time is normally only 25 minutes after which it is possible - even for heavy traffic - to pass over the repair.

Long-lasting and resilient

ColdFill has a high wear and stress resistance, which means it can be applied on highly trafficked roads and still last up to 5 years. It is an optimal product for mending cracks and holes whether it is asphalt or concrete (although primer is needed for application on concrete).

Because of its high durability, the product protects the road from further damages. This makes it suitable for permanent backfilling of cracks, outbreaks and minor holes in the blacktop.