AggreFill™ - Road & surface repair

AggreFill™ – precoated aggregate filler

Potholes that are left unattended can become a great threat to road safety – and this is where AggreFill™ comes to the rescue. This pre-coated aggregate filler is designed as a supplement to ChipFill™ and is recommended for the repair of larger potholes that are up to 1 sqm in diameter and 25-60 mm deep.

Innovative two-part system

When combining the two products, ChipFill functions as the binder, with its strong composition and adhesion to the road surface, while AggreFill works as the filler. This system makes it possible to benefit from the unique qualities of ChipFill on even more types of repairs, while still requiring only a limited number of products, tools and equipment.

By using AggreFill, you will be able to close bigger and deeper holes, and help keep roads away from deteriorating further. The combination of AggreFill and ChipFill provides optimal bonding. It is usually applied within a matter of minutes and is made to set rapidly. This means that traffic can usually be re-opened within just 20 minutes.