Geveko Materials to change its name to Geveko Markings

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In the summer of 2015, Solix Group became the new owner of AB Geveko. The new ownership will increase the focus on upgrading Geveko Markings to become a leading manufacturer and supplier of road marking products.

Continuously, Geveko Markings will intensify sales growth by an increased focus on our resources in existing and new markets, and by an enhanced manufacturing and intensified product development.

The change and new focus of Geveko Markings:
Heritage and innovation goes hand in hand, and the new Geveko Markings will concentrate on development, production and sales of road marking materials, line markings and horizontal decoration applications. Furthermore, all contracting activities are divested and will not be a focus anymore.

Geveko Markings’ business concept will be to develop and provide high quality products, thereby contributing to an increased road safety. Continuously, Geveko Markings provides faster, easier, safer and more durable marking solutions for our customers to rely on. In addition, Geveko Markings aim for a value-added and closer cooperation with customers, specifiers and authorities, thus establishing stronger partnerships.

The international footprint of Geveko Markings will enhance and further its sales staff in a number of countries. The production and development sites Geveko Markings Sweden AB (former Cleanosol AB), Geveko Markings Norway AS (former Cleanosol AS), Plastiroute GmbH in Germany, AllGlass Ltd in UK and LKF Materials A/S in Denmark will all be consolidated under the umbrella, Geveko Markings.

Ulrik Haagen-Olsen will be Group CEO for Geveko Markings with effect from March 1st, 2016.

The corporate identity of Geveko Markings will be amended and the new logo will appear on all printed matters.

The e-mail addresses will change, as follows: ex. Christian Schou Jensen = – Kindly update our e-mails in your database, when receiving  mails from Geveko Markings employees.

All changes and amendments are quite imminent and will be implemented during the first six months of 2016.

The people behind remain the same, however, reinforced by a stronger name, ownership and organization – Geveko Markings continue to aim for value-added, high quality products and professional service.

Geveko Markings logo