Time to repair holes in the road?

Time to repair holes in the road?

September 15, 2017

Easy reparation of holes in the road with ChipFill® thermoplastic

Winter is coming and hence also rain and cold weather. This combination is tough on the roads - especially if there are already holes and cracks in the surface. These will become larger over the winter if they are not repaired quickly and that increases repair costs.

ChipFill® is a hot applied surface defect repair system specially designed to repair cracks and holes in the road. As the name indicates, ChipFill® consists of small chips which are easy to handle and apply. All you need is a broom and burner and you are ready to go. When heated, ChipFill® thermoplastic becomes fluent and the binders in the material bind to the bitumen in the asphalt.

2½ years ago, ChipFill® was applied in Mindelsheim and Heilbronn in Germany. To this day, the holes are still properly sealed and covered and the damages have not increased. This goes to show that ChipFill® is ideal to cover the holes and pause the damages for a longer period of time until the asphalt is completely renewed.  

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