Time to repair holes in the road?

Time to repair holes in the road?

September 15, 2017

Easy repairation of holes in the road with ChipFill® thermoplastic


Winter is coming, and hence also rain and cold weather. This combination is hard for the roads - especially places where you have holes and cracks in the road. If these are not repaired, they will become larger over the winter – and repair costs increase.

ChipFill® is a hot applied surface defect repair system specially designed to repair cracks and holes in the road. All you need to apply is a broom and burner – then you are ready to repair holes in the road. When heated, ChipFill® thermoplastic becomes fluent, and the binders in the material bind to the bitumen in the asphalt. 

2½ years back,ChipFill® was applied in Mindelsheim and Heilbronn in Germany. Still the holes are properly sealed and covered, so the damages have not increased. With ChipFill® you cover the holes and pause the damages for a longer period, until the asphalt is completely renewed. 


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