PREMARK® 3D Crossing in New Zealand

Striking 3D crossing in New Zealand

24 January, 2018

This eye-catching 3D crossing in PREMARK® has grabbed the headlines in New Zealand with a unique traffic calming concept

Drivers on the streets of Tauranga, New Zealand may slow down and take an extra look when they come across this special crossing – and in fact that is precisely the point. This unique marking is designed to make drivers slow down and be extra aware of the vulnerable road users.  

The newly applied PREMARK® crossing creates an eye-catching optical illusion as it appears to be floating in the air. It thus offers a new twist to the traditional type of pedestrian crossing - but that is not all. Besides being more visually engaging that the conventional crossings, this type of marking also aims to make the roads safer.

In Tauranga, which is the most populous city in the Bay of Plenty region in New Zealand, the City Council has chosen to try out this solution for one of its pedestrian heavy areas. The marking is a decorative effort to make drivers more alert when they reach the area designated to protect pedestrians and was supplied through our distributor in Australia and New Zealand, Reflective Road Safety Products.

As mentioned above, the markings are made of our well-known PREMARK® material which ensures high quality and long durability. What sets the 3D markings apart from traditional markings, however, is the special design which utilises the principles of anamorphic illusion. This means that a certain design perspective is forced onto a basic marking which makes the marking appear to be a floating, physical object when seen from a specific angle. The result is a striking piece of street art that uses visual creativity to bring attention to the crossing. In fact, the marking sparked so much attention that it spurred an article on New Zealand's largest news site, Stuff.

The initial response to the effectiveness of this marking are positive and more 3D crossings are to be installed throughout the streets of Tauranga. Do you also want to experience our 3D illusion? Then don’t hesitate to contact Geveko Markings to learn more.

*Photos by Matt Schand/Stuff from the article: "3D zebra crossings for Tauranga a unique way to slow drivers down"