PREMARK® 3D Pedestrian Crossing

Striking 3D Crossing in Cannes

25 October, 2018

A newly applied 3D pedestrian crossing in PREMARK® creates an eye-catching optical illusion and helps make the road safer in Cannes.

The city of Cannes is testing pedestrian crossings with a three-dimensional effect, and they have chosen to use our PREMARK® 3D markings for the purpose. The unique crossing, which appears to be floating in the air, have been applied by the Miditraçage team with technical support from Geveko Markings’ Christophe Noël. Together they made sure that in just two and a half hours, Rue Félix-Faure went from ordinary road to a safer and more impressive sight to behold.

The 3D pedestrian crossing is a decorative and effective way of assuring that drivers are alert when they reach the area designated to protect pedestrians. The markings thus help make the roads safer – and the high-quality marking material ensures long durability.

Cannes’ new and eye-catching marking is made of our PREMARK®preformed thermoplastic material which is NF-certified and has a high degree of skid resistance (S3).

What sets the 3D markings apart from traditional markings, however, is the special design which utilises the principles of anamorphic illusion. This means that a certain design perspective is forced onto a basic marking, which makes the marking appear to be a floating, physical object. The result is a striking piece of street art that looks very convincing when seen from a specific angle.

In Cannes, a second test application is already planned. Do you also want to experience our 3D illusion? Then don’t hesitate to contact Geveko Markings to learn more.