PREMARK™ street decoration

Street decoration in Markt Erlbach

A street in the small historic town has been refurbished with modern looking PREMARK™ markings that supplements the surroundings

This project originally started last year, when we were approached by our customer Markt Erlbach in Germany who wanted to decorate two specific areas around the gatehouse.

We were of course ready to help them find a solution, that could fit their requests and wishes in the best way possible.

After conferring with city officials, the agreement was made to mark two areas with a full surface PREMARK marking covering approx. 60m² each. After the tender in September 2020, our customer S.J.S. got the order for the application which was done in October. The whole project was done within 5 hours by 5 people – and the results have been received very positively in the city.

The markings were made in an artistic, geometrical black and white design mirroring the old building and at the same time giving the area a modern twist. As an extra feature, the letters and numbers represent central years in the history of the town.