Skid restistant PREMARK® in discus throwing field

Skid resistant PREMARK® tested in discus throwing fields

July 20, 2017

Olympic silver medalist in discus throw, Ehsan Hadadi, tested PREMARK® preformed thermoplastic markings.

The Iranian Discus Throwing Federation have been testing the skid resistance of PREMARK® for their discus throwing fields. More skid resistance is needed in the circle area where the athletes are rotating. 

The alternative PREMARK® application was done in Aftab Sport Complex in the eastern part of Tehran, Iran. 

Discus thrower Ehsan Hadadi, who won an Olympic silver medal at the London 2012 games, was present when our client, Rahan Pooyesh, did the application, an he could be among the persons testing the alternative use of PREMARK® preformed thermoplastic markings.

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