ChipFill™ pothole repair

Say ‘ciao’ to potholes with ChipFill™

ChipFill™ was recently put to the test in Italy to check the efficiency and ease of use

Potholes on the road can be safety hazards and must be attended to quickly in order to avoid accidents. In this case, we recommend our hot-applied road repair product, ChipFill as it offers an effective solution. As the name indicates, ChipFill consists of small chips which are easy to handle and apply. All you need is a broom and heat torch - and you can say goodbye to dangerous holes in the road.

In San Severo in the south-eastern part of Italy, ChipFill was recently put to the test to check exactly how effective and easy it is to use.

The road workers who tested the material did not know about ChipFill or its application process beforehand. They were introduced to it by our Italian sales team, who were of course available for technical support. The Public Administration Director for the city, Ing. Di Lullo, was also present at the test site, and greatly appreciated the quality of the repair result made with ChipFill.

The test location was deliberately chosen based on the poor quality of the road surface in the area. Here, four holes in various sizes were selected to make sure that different types of damages were tested. 

The first-time applicators found the repair process very easy to follow. This both in terms of how to apply the product, but also in terms of which damages is most suitable to fix with ChipFill. For example, they were introduced to the minimum and maximum dimension of the holes to be repaired, as ChipFill works best at smaller holes with a diameter around 25 cm and a depth that doesn’t exceed 4-5 cm.

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