PREMARK® makes the roads safer

Russian residential complex made safer with PREMARK®

July 30, 2018

Roads have become safer and the playground more fun in residential complex “Angelovo” thanks to PREMARK® and DecoMark®

The family friendly compound “Angelovo” is located just 5 km away from Moscow in the Krasnogorsk county. This area is an ideal place to stay for those who prioritise a healthy lifestyle, a safe environment and the comfort of their families.

One of the main priorities of the management company in 2017-208 has been to ensure security in the village. As part of this strategy, PREMARK® road marking signs have been applied at the entrance and inside the village area during April and May 2018. “Speed limit 20” and “Children warning” signs were manufactured by our Russian unit in line with the Russian State Standard. The signs were made with white PREMARK® preformed thermoplastic and applied on the asphalt roads in the village.

The new road marking signs serve multiple purposes in the residential compound. Most importantly, it helps increase traffic safety in the area. From now on, if speed limits and other traffic rules are violated in “Angelovo”, missing road markings or traffic signs can no longer be used as an excuse either by residents themselves or visitors, taxi or delivery service drivers.  

But it does not stop there. The children's playground was also given a brush-up. Several bright images and games made of DecoMark® preformed thermoplastic were applied to asphalt tracks and pavement tiles in pedestrian areas.

The different markings in “Angelovo” serves as a perfect example of the various road marking solutions offered by Geveko Markings. Whether you prefer PREMARK® preformed thermoplastic, DecoMark® horizontal decorations or another type of product, we offer solutions based on your needs.

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