PREMARK® for dangerous manhole covers, UK

BMF tackles dangerous manhole covers

March 11, 2016

Preformed road markings making manhole covers safer

British Motorcyclists Federation working to secure slippery and dangerous manhole covers with our daughter company Preformed Markings in UK.

The polished iron manhole covers and highways castings, which have for a long time been problematic for motorcyclists. Now, British Motorcyclists Federation is cooperating with Preformed markings and Geveko Markings to secure the slippery manhole covers.

The idea is to cover the manhole covers fast and easy with PREMARK® Anti-Skid to make them skid resistant. This is a cheap and fast alternative to changing the manhole covers with new ones. PREMARK® Anti-Skid is a preformed thermoplastic road marking with high skid resistance. PREMARK® Anti-Skid is perfect for markings on areas such as cycle lanes, stairs and manhole covers, where a high skid resistance is needed to secure friction for the vulnerable road users.

You can read more about the cooperation with British Motorcyclists Federation, and how they tackle dangerous manhole covers at their website.