PlastiRoute® in Green bicycle lane marking, Portugal

Green bicycle lane markings in Paredão de Cascais

Green bicycle lane markings in Paredão de Cascais

November 18, 2016

The use of bicycle lanes is increasing constantly

As the use of bicycle lanes is constantly increasing, the need for markings that makes the bicycle lanes easily identifiable are equally growing. The markings must make the bicycle lanes easily identifiable, and at the same time, the skid resistance of the marking must be is sufficient enough to make it safe for people to drive on.

At Paredão de Cascais, F.L. Gaspar has applied a bicycle lane combining green PlastiRoute® RollPlast cold plastic and PREMARK® preformed thermoplastic markings.

The green bicycle lane was applied on an irregular and uneven surface. The combination of sand from the beach and salt from the sea made the application complicated and tough - but the result is great!

So if you are visiting Cristiano Ronaldo in his nearby house, then bring your bike and enjoy the bicycle lane.